How to Practice Office 可持续性

Embracing 可持续性 in Your Office

Companies can find many ways to implement more eco-friendly policies in their offices. 组建可持续发展团队, 创建月度挑战, 晚上关掉设备, 拥抱可再生能源, and going paperless are all simple ways to practice office sustainability.

When your workplace is ready to turn more environmentally friendly, researching the right policies to put in place can make all of the difference. There are many benefits to practice sustainability in your workplace besides positive impacts on the environment. Many companies can see an increase in customers and clients when they make the switch. Your employees and your customers pay attention to environmental trends, so implementing sustainability improvements in your office can show its benefits in spades.


可持续性 won’t come on its own — you need help and leadership to make a change. Starting your own sustainability team in your office will both raise awareness and accomplish more in shorter periods of time. Employees will become more aware of your initiatives, and their impact on the environment when your group comes together to adjust eco-friendly standards. Start small — prepare a recycling program, encourage 合伙使用汽车, or moving to green cleaning supplies are all simple changes that make a great impact.

Your sustainability squad can also implement quarterly or monthly challenges to gain motivation for the movement. Reward those who stick with it by offering small prizes, such as gift cards.


Simple changes like switching off office equipment or turning off lights will help save overall costs. Scaling back the thermostat in summer months can also decrease your costs.  Just a one-degree difference can consume up to 30,000 fewer kilowatts for a company leading to thousands of dollars in savings every year. 

Using Products That are Environmentally Friendly

Opting in for better office products that are exclusively sustainable can have a huge overall impact on your budget. Entrepreneurs now have a real chance to step up and look at the sustainability landscape by purchasing sustainable electronics for their office. In 2016, Kaiser Permanente purchased greener electronics that will ultimately avoid the disposal of 124 metric tons of hazardous waste.

Switching your office light bulbs to energy-efficient LED ones can be 80% more useful than incandescent bulbs. 


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